"Mother Earth's Medicine chest is full of healing herbs of imcomparable worth"

- Robin Rose Bennet

At Naturopath Herbals, we aim to provide high-quality, safe and affordable herbal extracts to everyone of all budgets.

With years of experience, our university-qualified Naturopaths are dedicated to providing professional and lasting advice. Helping you to achieve wellness by taking the guesswork out of natural heath.

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We only source products from reputable herbal liquid extract manufacturers which are produced under strict pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices.

All of our herbal liquids & tinctures are prepared with alcohol using the cold percolation extraction method which ensures minimal processing and preservation of therapeutic compounds.

We carefully source herbal extracts that are rigorously tested before production begins to ensure all raw materials contain sufficient levels of active constituents.

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Our degree qualified naturopaths are dedicated to providing accessible and affordable herbal medicine.

We take into consideration all aspects of health & wellbeing, and intergrate current scientific knowledge with traditional herbal medicine. As each and every one of us is biochemically unique, our customised herbal blends are individualised and utilise evidence-based research.

Our Naturopaths are available via chat and email mon-fri during business hours.

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We take the security of our customers extremely seriously, so you can shop with complete peace of mind.
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