Andrographis Benefits | Immune, Respiratory & Liver Support

Andrographis Health Benefits

Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata) known for its very bitter taste and detoxifying effects, also referred to as "King of Bitters" and “Bile of the Earth”

Andrographis Pharmacology

Botanical Name

Andrographis paniculata & Justicia paniculata

Other Common Names

Indian Echinacea, Green Chireta, Andrographolide & Kalmegh

Part Used


Main Therapeutic Compounds

Bitter diterpene, lactones, diterpene glucosides & flavonoids

Herbal Actions

Bitter tonic
Choleretic (increases liver bile production)

Andrographis Herbal Benefits

Liver Health ||  Immune Support || Cold & Flu
Cough Relief || Digestion

Immune Support

Andrographis is traditionally used for its immunity-boosting capabilities to help manage common cold, flu, sore throat and upper respiratory infections. Andrographis contains a compound called 'Andrographolide' which enhances the immune cell's ability to remove cellular debris and encourage tissue repair.

Respiratory Health

Andrographis is one of the most widely used herbal medicines supporting respiratory health. A study published in 2004 found Andrographis extract effective for managing acute respiratory infections and was statistically more effective than placebo for reducing cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, earache and sore throat.

Liver Health

Andrographis paniculata promotes healthy liver and gallbladder function by increasing bile flow, supporting glutathione production and reducing liver damage. Numerous studies have found Andrograholides as effective as St Mary's Thistle (Silybum marianum) in protecting the liver.

Andrographis Typical Use

Tea & Infusion

5-6 grams steeped in a cup of hot water for 5-10 minutes.

Tincture & Liquid Extract

Typical use of Andrographis tincture is 2.5mls mixed in a small amount of water or juice 1-2 times daily, or as directed by your practitioner.

Herbal Combinations

Combines well with Echinacea, White Horehound, EyebrightMullein & Thyme.

Cautions & Safety

Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical medications, please consult your primary healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Andrographis Liquid Extract Tincture
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